Image of The Vale Issue 2 'The Wycombing'

The Vale Issue 2 'The Wycombing'


12 page mini-comic.
Colour covers, black and white inside pages.

*For Mature Readers*

Since the invasion from the Elder realm ten years ago, most folks in Buckinghamshire spend their time trying to get a job or get their drunk on.

Well, imagine you witness the death or mental trauma of everyone you know, as monsters pour out from tears in the fabric of reality. Now imagine that the cocktail of madness and magic causes you all to endlessly cry blackened tears. Need a drink now? Thought so.

Jan Czernowicz, a young sorcerer and hustler, along with his Elder Beast friend Shugg, had certainly got their drunk on.

Jan is fed up with having nothing, when the ruling Elder have so much. Shugg hates how little his dad and The Black Council care about people.

Together, sorrows were drowned and bare beats were thrown by DJ Hagith in Aylesbury's dingiest pub, The Black Swan.

Jan wound up with a mysterious crystal swan worth two grand, asleep under a bridge near High Wycombe, next to a live spell. Shugg went to another club to chase some girls he met in The Black Swan, after trying to make nice with Jan's fabulous troll friend and rebellious conspirator, Terry.

Sounds like a good night me. Hair of the trogg, anyone?

Jan heads to Wycombe with a stash of magical weapons to The Dyrty Mare strip pub, and Shugg sinks to crypt-level depths to get his claws on drunk girls.