Image of The Vale Issue 1 'Council State'

The Vale Issue 1 'Council State'


*4th printing extended edition*

20 page mini comic.
Colour covers, black and white inside.

*For Mature Readers*

After a long and bitter secret war, The Illuminati won.

They lifted back the barrier and supernatural forces were amongst us once more.

We lost, darkness engulfed the world. But then… things went back to normal, sort of.

Humans left sane by the events now endlessly cry jet tears from blackened eyes, but are otherwise ok. You know, as much as you could be.

Creatures from the deepest evil places took all the best jobs, leaving the lesser monsters and the few humans that didn’t go insane (or worse) to… Doss around and go to the pub.

Jan Czernowicz took the new world to heart, learning dark arts from his best friend Shugg, the rebellious spawn of an Elder council beast-lord.

He does odd sorcery jobs between stints of doing sod all, around the Vale of Aylesbury.